Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

SMP IT Al Hijrah with The crues of MV. Reunion

February 2011
The teachers and students of SMPIT Al Hijrah at the visit on Belawan International Container Terminal and MV. Reunion. From left to right : Capt. Sanny, the captain of MV. Reunion, The female students of SMPIT Al Hijrah, Ms. Novia Elisa Harahap, the teacher of SMPIT Al Hijrah. Chief Officer Oscar, the Chief Officer of MV. Reunion, and Mr. Totok Budi Istiarso Wardoyo, the supervisor of PT. Maersk Indonesia, Medan. We, from SMPIT Al Hijrah feel very happy with the visit, because we are the first school who can visit the ship at Belawan International Container Terminal. We hope we can do visits like this again in orderto we can increase our english speak.

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